Company Philosophy “Food Revolution”

“Food Revolution” – this means we provide natural, organic, additive-free food based on our Japanese traditional meals. “KURA SUSHI” gives the first priority to customers’ health. We set an ambitious goal “Muten”, which means removing the following ingredients from our products and providing safe and natural food ; chemical seasonings, artificial sweeteners, artificial colorings and artificial preservatives.

Being on customers’ side, we earnestly provide “Safe, Reliable, and Delicious Food”.

Developing products and restaurants based on our identities

We, Kura Sushi, Inc., proudly present our identities to the society; uniqueness and existence.
Aiming at “Food Revolution”, we expand our business.

Creation and offer of existence value

What is an existence value? In terms of products, it is to create products nobody has made before. In terms of store operations, it is to develop our own systems. We, Kura Sushi, Inc., are not a pioneer in the revolving sushi industry. However, we have pursued uniqueness and existence value and developed our business. There were almost no good lessons we learn from pioneers, therefore we have created our original unique products, and developed advanced systems of store operation in the revolving sushi industry. We continue to create and offer clear existence value under the management environment that brings something new.

Providing the food the way it should be

Our basic concept is “safe, tasty, and inexpensive”.

We have adhered to our following principles since establishment: “nonuse of imitation products”, “freshness”, and "affordable price". In addition, we have challenged to eliminate chemical seasonings, artificial sweeteners, artificial colorings, and artificial preservatives from our products. Because we have been on the customers’ side and focused on what the food service industry should be, we have gained considerable credibility from our customers.

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